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Secret way to instantly create Beautiful Custom Bookshelves

Without Making any Nasty Calculation errors!

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Hans Christian Thisen
Hans Thisen - The Digital Woodworker
Master of Science in Industrial Design
& Passionate Woodworker
From The Desk Of Hans Thisen
Re: I don't take you for a fool...
Dear Fellow Woodworker
I wanted to let you know that I have faith in you. Because if you are reading this you most likely have a passion for woodworking.
And woodworkers are smart people. Or at least the once I know.
I guess you probably spend hundreds of hours in your workshop creating beautiful pieces of furniture. And cursing the wall to death when you realize that you got an important measurement all wrong!
I get it, it sucks!
And I was once in your shoes (sometimes still is), but what if I told you that you can create custom bookshelves unbelievably faster and without headaches using my custom bookshelf software...

You Don't Need 16.000 Random Woodworking Plans

You Need One That Fits Your Needs

TCBBM - Assembly_Small

Let me tell you a secrete: Almost all pre-made woodworking templates are a complete waste of time and money!

Why? Because you can almost always buy the same furniture cheaper at any furniture store.

It isn't cheap creating your own quality furniture.

And that's why you should never waste your time creating something you could just buy downtown.

Your time is a precision resource so don't waste it on random furniture that doesn't even fit your home.

I would argue that the best way to spend your time is in your woodshop creating truly custom furniture that you can't buy anywhere else.

Because spending time creating unique and custom furniture generates the highest ROI of your invested time.

You would have to spend thousands of $$$$ in order to hire a carpenter to make the same piece of furniture. (And it wouldn't be as fun)

So stop wasting your time on random furniture plans, and start spending it on something with real value --> Custom Furniture tailor-fitted to your specifications.

Don't worry I got you covered

"Custom Woodworking Blueprints That Fits Your Home"

Unlimited Bookshelf Variations!

Introducing: The Custom Bookshelf Blueprint Maker (TCBBM)

TCBBM helps you generate custom woodworking blueprints for bookshelves, instantly and with zero calculation error.

With the Blueprint Maker, you can create any kind of custom bookshelf.

You can make your own bookcases, wall units, TV stands, and shelves. The Blueprint Maker makes the design process easy and fast.

All you have to do is play around with the dimensions until you get a design that fits your space perfectly and then download the production files.

Ps. Read on and see the killer deal, it is massively underpriced ATM.

Here's everything I've put together for you:

TCBBM MackBook Air - Box

The Custom Bookshelf Blueprint Maker

Create customized bookshelves without any calculation errors (even if you don't know how to use a CAD program!)

[$99 Value]

Download Unlimited Blueprints

Download one or download 1000 custom bookshelf blueprints. You decide. You have the power to generate it all.

[$49 Value]

Material Optimization - Nesting

Choose the material you have available, and your bookshelf will be laid out in the most optimal pattern to minimize material waste. Instantly see if you can use what you have in stock, or how many sheets you need to purchase. No more guessing.

[$39 Value]


TCBBM - Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

It can be hard to find the Perfect Price. With our pricing calculator it's easy to find the perfect retail price for your custom bookcase.

[$12 Value]

Magazin Cover_Small

Style & Variation Catalogue

Choose your style and wood finish before you even start designing anything. This will spark your creativity!

[$10 Value] - Digital Download

Woodworking Newbie_Man

Woodworking 101
(49 pages)

Woodworking 101 is essential knowledge for new woodworkers. It gives you the basics, and then goes into more detailed chapters that cover all of the tools and techniques you'll need to finish your projects.

[$14 Value] - Digital Download


The Complete Guide To Wood Finish
(141 pages)

Do you want to learn how to create beautiful pieces of furniture? Then this book is the perfect resource for you. In The Complete Guide To Wood Finish, we show you all the techniques necessary to create beautiful, useful objects from start to finish that will look beautiful and last a lifetime.

[$18 Value] - Digital Download

Dahm... That is a lot of stuff right?

Ye, we actually have a bundle here with a total value of:


But I have a much better deal for you ūüėĀ
Are you ready?

Your special price today:

Only $7

This is less than the cost of... well almost anything.

To Recap: The Custom Bookshelf Blueprint Maker - The Whole Package

  • Unlimited Custom Bookshelf Blueprints - Forever

  • Minimize material waste - Nesting Function (Real Money saver)

  • 1-Click Cut Lists Download (Text) - Print it and use conveniently in your workshop.

  • 1-Click PDF Download - Print and show your partner or use in your workshop.

  • 1-Click 2D files Download (DXF) - If you have a flair for tech and CNC machines.

  • 1-Click 3D files Download (STEP) - If you know what STEP is, you know you want it.

  • Pricing Calculator

  • Style & Variation Catalogue

  • Book - Woodworking 101 (49 Pages)

  • Book - The Complete Guide To Wood Finish (141 Pages)

Here Is What The Experts Say

When dealing with custom furniture, automation and computer aid in woodworking is super useful and here to stay.


"With all the tools currently available to businesses, I cannot believe how much time is still spent on manual tasks."

Mike Galarza

CEO - Entryless

WoodWorking Canada - Endorsment

"In conclusion, we know we're never going to compete in the world marketplace by standing still and doing things the way we did 30 years ago."

Alain Albert

Industry Advisor and CNC Specialist

"... A desire for custom and one-of-a-kind items topped the survey results. Nearly half of designers pooled (49%) plan to source one-of-a-kind pieces"

Hadley Keller

Architectural Digest

Here's How To Get Instant Access Right Now

To get instant access to The Custom Bookshelf Blueprint Maker, just fill out the form below. After your purchase is complete, you'll be given access to the software and all the bonuses will be instantly available inside the member's area. Now go make something awesome!


A common place where your questions are answered.

You don't need to be a computer ninja. The only things you need is a computer or smartphone, an internet connection and and email address. I know you have the first two steps covered already. Now you only need an email address.

Not with The Custom Bookshelf Blueprint Maker. And I have deliberately based the bookshelf design on an easy to produce framework, that anyone with a circular saw and a drill can make.
You don't need to be The Wood Whisperer

No! You will need the following basic tools:
- Pen & Tape measure
- Circular Saw (preferably with guide)
- Hand Drill for drilling holes
- Dowels or screws
- Wood Glue
- Finish of your choice

No, sorry. we are keeping this simple in order not to complicate the build process.
You are of course more than well come to fit your own drawers and doors.

If you have a medium to large-sized CNC router, this product is a MUST HAVE!
You will be able to produce 100% custom bookshelves as fast as your CNC can cut them. Export Nested 2d DXF files with 1-Click and put them directly into your CAM software.

Don't worry, The Custom Bookshelf Blueprint Maker is available in both Imperial and Metric. And you will have access to both version when you purchase today.



If you're still on the fence, remember...this purchase is 100% Risk-Free for 1 whole month.

If it doesn't work or if you don't get the results you're after, just send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund your entire investment.

No questions asked.



Contact Info


TCBBM Commercial License will allow you to resell bookshelves made with TCBBM. Make money through your passion, or business with the bookshelf maker. Special price when bought together with TCBBM $19 (Regular Price $49 if you buy it later)


  • The Custom Bookshelf Blueprint Maker

    Online design software for custom bookshelves. Access through the member's area.
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